Daniel Sandlin, M.D.

Pain Management Specialist & Anesthesiologist located in Columbus, GA, LaGrange, GA, Fayetteville, GA, McDonough, GA, & Newnan, GA

About Dr. Sandlin

Dr. Daniel Sandlin is a distinguished medical professional with a remarkable academic background. He was selected for UAB’s Early Medical School Acceptance Program and earned a BA in philosophy with a concentration in biomedical ethics, graduating summa cum laude. He obtained his Doctorate of Medicine from UAB School of Medicine and completed his Anesthesiology residency at The University of Tennessee Medical Center at Knoxville in 2018. Furthering his expertise, he underwent subspecialty training in Pain Medicine at the University of Louisville.

Dr. Sandlin focuses on treating chronic pain conditions using a combined interventional and multimodal medication approach. With a keen eye on emerging technologies, he aims to provide long-term solutions for durable pain relief, ultimately enhancing patients’ functionality and quality of life.

Call (877) 963-9876 for assistance in getting a referral to The Nexus Pain Center.

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